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Keep It Real

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Welcome to Biker@Home

This is the internet home of Bikerman - the nickname I use generally on the internet. My real life details are available from the menu if you are interested.

To my students/pupils. If you are reading this then you have obviously found my website - well done for that, but you need to know that your teachers and other school staff are generally not allowed to get involved with pupils on-line. There are good reasons for this (to do with safeguarding both staff and pupils) and this means that I will not respond to any messages or comments you leave on the site. Please don't think there is anything personal in this, and if you think that this is unfair, or you don't understand the reasons, then I will be happy to talk to you in school and explain if you want to come and see me.

This site is home to things which interest, annoy, amaze, scare, please or confound me. Those who know something of my internet persona will know that I am most active in three main areas of discussion/debate - religion/philosophy, feminism/social justice, and science - so these will obviously feature on the site.

Please be aware that I have strong views on some things which might offend some people - particularly views on religion and 3rd/4th wave intersectional feminism (I am deeply opposed to both). If you think you might be offended then please don't continue. I don't set out to offend (I know some people do, but that is not me) and I don't get a kick from upsetting people. At the same time I will not avoid saying/writing something which I feel strongly about, simply because it might cause offence or upset to some notional listener/reader.

If, on the other hand, you disagree with me, however strongly, but feel able to debate and discuss issues, then you are very welcome and I will be happy to engage in such debate/discussion. Let us try to debate/disagree in a civil manner, without recourse to ad-hominem attacks or other abusive behaviour. If we can manage that then one of us might learn something (my favourite pastime), and at the very least we can try to understand each other, even if we cannot reach agreement. The notion that all views must be respected is idiotic (if you think otherwise please consider whether the views of a psychopath should be respected, or a paedophile, or a sadist). On the other hand, the RIGHT of anyone to hold any view - however repugnant or idiotic we might consider it - should, nay MUST be respected. I am committed to this principle (broadly described as freedom of belief/speech/expression) and I believe it to be both crucial to western society, and currently under threat.

If you find something I have got factually wrong, or you think I am misleading or misrepresenting someone, or some viewpoint, then I would welcome correction (and I mean this genuinely - who wants to be wrong? Not me).

What you will find on this site is, well.....a lot.
  • There is a huge volume of material on science - check the audiobooks for example - some of the best science books around
  • There is a lot on superstition/religion - mostly critical as you might expect.
  • There are some great educational resources and tools, and you can study something new in the Learning Zone.
  • There is classic audio comedy and some games/entertainment, as well as some comedy video in the entertainment section.
  • There is my blog and video material in my stuff - be warned that there is some strong language, though not, I think, profligate.

......and much more .....

If you want to contribute material or time to the site then please contact me - particularly if you want to develop any educational or training materials.
If you have questions then try the FAQ first and if that doesn't help then msg me.

PS - Pressing play on the music player above will start The Other Jesus by my best mate and his band Swervedriver. The title is very apt for this site, and the music rocks, so turn it up :-)

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